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The Music of the Big Walk

The Music of the Big Walk

The Music of the Big Walk
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On August 4th 2023, Folk on Foot host Matthew Bannister set off on his biggest walk yet. Over two weeks, he covered 186 miles from Wickham Festival in Hampshire to Folk East in Suffolk, raising thousands of pounds for the charity Help Musicians. Every evening he was met (in a pub, of course), by some of the folk world’s finest musicians. This bonus episode treats you to the musical highlights that spurred Matthew on his way. You will hear:

Day 1: Rosie Hodgson and Rowan Piggott of The Wilderness Yet: “The Bee Boy Song”

Day 2: Steve Knightley, Johnnie Kalsi and Eliza Marshall: “Dakota” (by Kelly Jones)

Day 3: Eliza Marshall: “The Rhythms of Migration”; Jon Wilks: “Greek Street”

Day 4: Martin Simpson: “Skydancers”

Day 5: Janice Burns and Jon Doran: “As I Roved Out”

Day 6: Kirsty Merryn: “The Larks They Sang Melodious (Pleasant and Delightful)”

Day 8 (breakfast!): Honey and the Bear with Toby Shaer: “Around the World”

Day 8 (evening): Megson: “And Finally”

Day 9: Sid Goldsmith and Danny Pedler of Tarren: “Sunk”

Day 10: Bird in the Belly: “Neighbours and Sisters”

Day 11: Katie Spencer:”The Edge of the Land”

Day 12: Knight and Spiers: “Halsway Schottische”

Day 13: Bella Hardy: ”Rhapsody on the Peak of Derbyshire”

Day 14: The Young Uns: “Three Dads Walking” and “John Ball”

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