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Jamie Webster in Liverpool

Jamie Webster in Liverpool

Jamie Webster in Liverpool
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“My city, my people, my heart” – Jamie Webster loves his home city of Liverpool – and Liverpool loves Jamie Webster. The young singer and songwriter started out performing chants for fans of Liverpool FC, which led to a gig in front of 60,000 at the Champions League Final and a meeting with manager Jurgen Klopp. Now his songs of working-class life have made Jamie a local hero with two hit albums under his belt.

In this episode he takes us to a community centre called “the Florrie” where he volunteers. In the centre’s food bank, he expresses his anger that so many people in a wealthy country like the UK can’t afford to feed themselves. Then it’s off to the Beatles statue, the Liver Building and the Cavern Club where Jamie has just joined the illustrious list of performers with their names written on bricks outside.

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