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The Musical Village of Pathhead, Midlothian

The Musical Village of Pathhead, Midlothian

The Musical Village of Pathhead, Midlothian
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Join us on a walk around the unassuming village of Pathhead, Midlothian, just south of Edinburgh, which is home to a whole galaxy of Scottish musicians.

We start with singer songwriter Karine Polwart, who takes us to meet pianist Dave Milligan and his partner the harpist Corrina Hewat. Then it’s round the corner to see singer and multi-instrumentalist Inge Thomson, her partner Martin Green (of Lau) and their son Ewen, who plays mandolin. They hand us on to bass player Tom Lyne who also creates music using the sounds of the natural world. After a walk with Tom (spotting three mad March hares along the way) we go to his home to meet his wife, the jazz singer Sophie Bancroft. A knock on the door heralds the arrival of fiddle player Amy Geddes who invites us all back to her place for a feast. Joined in Amy’s sitting room by drummer Tom Bancroft and fiddle player Jenny Gardner, the assembled group pay an emotional musical tribute to local pipe maker Nigel Richard who died last year.

You will hear beautiful performances, meet some extraordinary talents and gain an insight into the true meaning of community spirit when you listen to our longest episode yet.

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